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Newsletter 02


Country Lane Gallery’s new website has been up and running now for several weeks. I hope you have had time to check it out and have liked what you have seen. Please drop us a line. We would love to hear from you.

We still would like to bring to your attention last month’s painting “About His Father’s Business”. This is an ongoing project until at least the funds for the house have been secured. Please visit the archived newsletter regarding further details on the Hungarian Girls’ Orphanage Project. We are praying that the house will be purchased soon so that the renovations can begin and the girls can have a warm and welcoming home before winter.

My new painting this month is entitled “A Table of Hope”. The subject matter is quite different. We are constantly reminded that our service men and women are in harm’s way, while they seek to bring peace in an unstable part of our world. This painting is my tribute to them. I am looking for more images to paint on this subject that will move you and make you think, maybe make you laugh or make you cry. If you have, or you know of someone who has, an image you think I would be interested in, please do not hesitate to send it to me, with a small description or the story behind it. With the image and description, I would need to have written permission to use it.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to think about my request. Hopefully, someone, somewhere, will have that special image, or images, that I am looking for.

Warm regards, Kim Marie Scott

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