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" Mt Baker stroll"

"A Stroll by the Bay"

"Autumn Country Home"

"Autumn Persuasion" SOLD

"Blue Heron In Twilight" SOLD


"Broken Wing"

"Brothers" SOLD

"Canada Geese on a Log" SOLD

"Canoe on Slough: Ladner BC" SOLD

"Captain Larden's Ladies" SOLD

"Country Home" SOLD

"Cow Boy's Right Hand" SOLD

"Evening Flight"

"Evening View From Canoe Pass Village" SOLD

"Geraniums by the Barn Door"

"Isabella" SOLD

"Kim Maree Scott Gallery"

"Last Wash Day"

"Lilac and Lace" SOLD

"Little Church in Winter" SOLD

"Long Time Friends" SOLD

"Loving Moments" SOLD

"Morning Stroll" SOLD

"My First Painting" SOLD

"Night Under the Stars"

"Now the Day is Over"

"On The Red Bench"

"Orcas In The Bay"

"Out My Kitchen Window - Autumn" SOLD

"Out My Kitchen Window - Fall" SOLD

"Out My Kitchen Window - Summer" SOLD

"Packing It In"

"Pals" SOLD

"Passing of the Storm" SOLD

"Red Bench on Stormy Dyke"

"Red Bench" SOLD

"Reflections - Ladner Harbour II" SOLD

"Reifel Bird Sanctuary"

"Remnant Of Winter"

"Resting on the Banks of the River" SOLD

"Sunset on the Boardwalk"

"Taking Time Out" SOLD


"The Country Road"


"Upper Marsh II: Ladner BC"

"View of the Fraser" SOLD

"Winding Road" SOLD

"Wrapped in Honeysuckle" SOLD