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As Christians, we are under obligation to pass on the torch of truth to the next generation. We are to instruct them and teach them. This is a very clear mandate in Scripture.

“…things that we have heard and known that our fathers have told us. We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and His might, and the wonders that He has done.” Psalm 78:3-4

If we fail to propagate the message of God in our generation, then we are failing to preserve it for future generations.

“Posterity shall serve Him, it shall be told of the Lord to the coming generation; they shall come and proclaim His righteousness to a people yet unborn that He has done it.” Psalm 22:30-31

In evangelism and mission, the Church, and parents, cannot afford to skip a generation. It is incumbent upon us that we are obedient and not negligent in our duties and responsibilities.

Our heralding the truth in our generation will help ensure a rich heritage for tomorrow’s generation. May we be faithful!

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